Daypass User

To use EHOVE's wireless network, connect your device to the EHOVE-BYOD wifi network and use the DAYPASS account.  The DAYPASS account has a special password of the day that changes every day.  To obtain today's password, do one of the following:
  • Check digital signage in certain meeting rooms for the password of the day.
  • Call the Tech Department helpdesk at 419-499-5321 and ask for the password of the day.
  • Stop in at the Tech Department in the Science & Technology Building room 703 and ask for the password of the day.
  • Ask an administrative assistant in an office near you to look up the password of the day.

These instructions would apply to:
  • Northpoint ESC employees that do not have an EHOVE assigned account
  • All associate school staff such as superintendents, principals and counselors
  • Vendors, contractors and consultants
  • Other guests and visitors