Training Schedule

As promised we are making some changes to our usual Thursday Technology Sessions. From now on instead of always meeting in A building, we willl meet each week in a different building on a rotating basis to make things more convenient and hopefully allow more to attend. ALL staff are still allowed and encouraged to attend each session. In other words sessions are not limited to the personnel in the building where the session is being held that week. 

The format of the sessions will change to Question/Answer format unless explicitly stated on the schedule. Occasionally we will try to still provide a topic specific session, once a month or so, on something that is relevant to staff at that time. (If you have suggestions please let us know!) Thursday Technology Sessions will continue to be a time to get answers on particular projects you are working on or projects you are considering, as well as to provide training in the areas you need the most. (Please continue to submit other technical problems or requested fixes via the work order system as these will not be focused on during the sessions.) 

We hope this new session format will be convenient and helpful for everyone! Please let us know if you have suggestions or questions. Thank you!

Click on a training session below to view the details of that session including the location.