Technical Support

Getting Tech Support

You have 3 different options for obtaining technical support:
  1. Online Work Order (Preferred Method for Staff)
    • An online work order system has been set up to efficiently address technical support requests.  To submit an online work order click the link above or the button on the left side of the page to access the work order system.  You can also access the system by going to EHOVE's website and select Work Orders in the Quick Links menu.  Enter your email address and click Submit.  You may need to enter your contact information if this is your first time using the system. Fill in the form including the description of the problem.  We are automatically notified of your request and you will receive an emailed confirmation that your request has been received and you will receive another email when your request has been completed.
    • If you have an emergency request (needing an immediate response), mark the work order as an emergency on the form and all members of the department will be alerted to your request via text message on their cell phones as well as an email message.  Please only mark a work order as an emergency when it is necessary for a problem to be addressed immediately such as a problem affecting an entire building or a major problem that is causing learning to cease in a classroom.
  2. Call Extension 321 for our Helpdesk if you cannot access the online work order system or if you are a student who needs assistance.
  3. Walk-in
    • Appointments are suggested.  Occasionally all members of the Tech Department are out of the office around the campus, so please call ahead to ensure someone is in the office.
    • The Technology Office is located in the Science and Technology Building room 703.

Tech Dept Office Hours

7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Current Walk-In Office Hours

We will have a technician on-duty available for walk-ins during these hours:
 MON 8:15-8:30am & 2:25-2:55pm
 TUE 8:15-8:30am & 2:25-2:55pm
 WED 8:15-8:30am & 2:25-2:55pm
 THU 8:15-8:30am & 2:25-2:55pm
 FRI 8:15-8:30am & 2:25-2:55pm
*Subject to change.


For questions or non-support related communication please email Dave Jenkins or Dustin Hindel.  Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section which is always being updated with new questions and answers.

Need More Information?

Check out our Knowledge Base for information on a variety of different topics.