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Welcome to EHOVE Career Center!  This page explains important information to get you started with all of the technology that is available at your fingertips.

You may have received a welcome letter from the Technology Department providing you information about your computer accounts and passwords.  Please read through it and keep it in a safe place as it has some sensitive information such as passwords and security codes.  If you did not receive a welcome letter yet, please check with your supervisor to make sure they have made a request for your accounts to be created.  

Password Security

For security reasons, it's a good idea to reset pre-assigned passwords right away and change working passwords at least once every six months.  For information on how to change your password, see How Can I Change My Password? in our Frequently Asked Questions.  For more information about chooosing secure passwords, see Best Practices for Passwords
Every staff member at EHOVE Career Center receives a server login account.  Your Windows Domain username and password is used to log in to computers on campus. When you initially start a computer up, you will be prompted for a username and password in order to log in.  You may be required to press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to log in.  Your username and your initial password is printed on your welcome letter.  You will be required to change your password upon logging in for the first time when logging in on-campus.


Email Quick Info

Every staff member is issued an email address when their accounts are created.  To access your email you may either go to or choose Webmail from the Quick Links dropdown box on EHOVE's website.
Your email address is printed on your welcome letter and should look like (where your username is in place of jdoe).  You will only need to use your username when logging in, not your full email address.  Your email password is the same as your Windows Domain password.  If your Windows Domain password changes, then your email address will also change to be the same.

Student Grades and Attendance Accounts

Progress Book

ProgressBook Quick Info

How to Access
District ID: eho
Your Username: ehov_jdoe
If you are a high school teacher, you will probably need a Progress Book account at some point in order to record student grades and attendance.  Progress Book is an online resource that can be accessed by going to  If your Progress Book account was not set up at the time your other accounts were created, then you will receive an email with the account information when it is created.  If you have problems or questions about Progress Book, please contact the Technology Department.


More information coming!


More information coming!

Educational Resources and Accounts

Citrix Portal

Citrix (pronounced SIT-TRICKS) is an online portal to access files and many programs that you have access to on campus.  Your Windows Domain username and password is used to access the Citrix Portal online at







Educational Video Library

The Educational Video Library is an online library of videos from YouTube that have been unblocked for educational usage on campus.  

Other Technology Services

Telephone and Voicemail

To dial another phone on campus, just dial the extension to want.  To call an outside number, dial 9 and then the number.  If dialing long distance, dial 9 + 1 + number.  To access your voicemail, dial 100, then enter your security code at the prompt.  The first time you access your voicemail, you may be guided through a tutorial to set up your name and a custom greeting.  It may be helpful to write down a greeting before recording it. 

Printers and Printing

More information coming!

Copy Machines

Copiers are located in Buildings A, B, C, D and F.  The copier in Building A is located in the northwest corner of the Library.  The copier in Building B is located in the Teacher's Center off the east hallway.  The copier in Building C is located in the building secretary's office by the east entrance.  The copier in Building D is located in the Teachers Center near the west entrance of the building.  The copiers in A, B, C and D require the use of your EHOVE username and password.  The copier in Adult Ed does not require any codes or passwords.  

Fax Machines

Fax machines are available in the High School workroom in Building A (419-499-5275), in the Adult Ed main office (419-499-5391), in the Board Office (419-499-4076) and in the Warehouse (419-499-5392).  Remember that when faxing out, you must include a 9 at the beginning of the number just like calling out.


More information coming!

Public School Works

More information coming!

Work Orders

Our Maintenance and IT Departments use an online work order system for processing work order requests from staff.  

Computer Access and Availability

There are over 1000 computers on the campus.  You can log on to any of the computers with your login credentials.  A summary of the computer labs can be found by visiting the "Computer Labs" page.

 Getting Technical Support

If you need assistance or have questions related to technology, please feel free to contact the Technology Department.  There are several ways to get technical support:

  1. Submit an Online IT Request: This is our preferred method for requesting technical support or for requesting work to be performed.  To submit an online work order, click here.  If your request is an emergency, check the Emergency checkbox and the Technology Department will be alerted via text message on their cell phones.
  2. Email: If you have questions and don't necessarily require work to be performed then simply send an email to the Technology Department.  You will find an entry in your email address book named "Tech Dept" that will email the whole department.
  3. Phone: If your computer will not allow you to submit a work order online or email us, then you may contact us at extension 322.
Saving Files

Tech Support