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SMART Board Safety and Operation Instructions

For operating safety and to avoid damage, carefully read and observe these instructions:
  • Become familiar with the projector warning and cautions.  You may need to check with the guide for your specific projector for this information.  Contact the Tech Department if you would like an electronic copy of the projector user guide.
  • Don't add any extra weight or pressure to the interactive whiteboard or its pen tray, because the brackets are designed only for the weight of the interactive whiteboard.
  • Do not write on the SMART Board with dry erase marker and do not use a dry marker eraser on the board as dust and permanent smudges may result.
Safety Tips for Teachers
  • Keep your back to the class when you write over a projected image.
  • Step to the side of the interactive whiteboard before you turn and face the class.
  • Supervise your students whenever they use the interactive whiteboard.
  • Tell students not to look directly at the light beam from the projector.  Instead, encourage them to keep their backs to the class when working at the interactive whiteboard.  Before they turn to face the class, they should take a big step (or even two) sideways.
  • Tell your students not to touch the projector as it can get very hot after it has been on for a few minutes.
  • Don't use a chair to increase a student's reach to the interactive whiteboard and do not use a chair to reach the projector.