Troubleshooting Login Problems

Problem: I Can't Log In to a Computer

This problem can occur for a number of reasons.  Some common reasons are:

  • The username and/or password is misspelled or typed incorrectly.  Try entering the username and password again.
  • Several failed login attempts could cause an intruder lockout on the account.  Wait 30 minutes before attempting to log in again or contact the Tech Department to unlock your account.
  • The computer may not have a good connection to the network, possibly because the network cable is unplugged.  This problem usually only affects a single specific computer and you could try to log in on another computer.  Contact the Tech Department if you can log in elsewhere, but not on a specific computer.  If you are working on a wireless laptop, check to make sure the wireless network connection is turned on.  There is usually a blue colored light on the laptop if the wireless connection is turned on.
  • The computer cannot communicate with the Domain.  Make sure the domain is set to EHOVE on the login box.  Contact the Tech Department for assistance.