Logging into Windows 7

Due to the new security features built into Windows 7, if you are logging off campus on a laptop for a presentation or some other function, you must type the computer name (ex. F-LAPTOP2-01\) with a backslash, prior to typing the username you wish to use.

  1. When you come to the log in screen this is what you see.
  2. Click the “How do I log onto another domain?” link.
  3. This will give you the “computer name” you need to use if you are logging in off campus.  You will use the “computer name” for off campus activities.  
  4. When you come back on campus and would like to use your normal network user account, you will use the “domain name” with a backslash (EHOVE\).  
  5. Use the format shown in the following examples:

Example off Campus:

Username:  F-LAPTOP2-32\ehove

Password:   ehove

Example on Campus:

Username: EHOVE\jdoe

Password:  1234