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General Laptop Troubleshooting and Tips

Problem: Laptops are not fully charged

  • This can be avoided by plugging the laptop cart in to an electrical outlet and checking the switches and knobs on the back after the cart has been moved from room to room or put away for the day. Also, make sure the students shut them down before stowing them in the cart as well as plug in the power cord to each. We have seen a few instances where the cart or the laptops in the cart were not properly plugged in or (on some carts) the switches on the back of the carts were not reset properly.  Any carts with the "power cycle" knobs should NOT be adjusted unless the Tech Dept. is consulted first. 

Problem: Network and Power cords are kinked or frayed

  • This will happen when the cords have not been properly wound up after using the laptop lab or the carts are moved and the cords get pulled out of the wall. Avoid this by being sure that the cart is in the location you want and the brakes are set on the wheels so the cart does not move as well as making sure the cords are unplugged from the wall before moving the cart. Also, be sure to, as neat as possible, wrap up the cords before putting the cart away for the day. This will help avoid the cords kinking or getting caught in the wheels.

Problem: Laptops are getting scratched or damaged

  • Help avoid this issue by reminding students to put the laptops away gently and carefully. In some cases the door of the cart gets closed on power cords or laptops themselves and scratches/knocks them around. In other cases, students have dropped them. These are major causes of the hardware problems we face. If a laptop gets dropped or damaged, report it IMMEDIATELY to the Tech Dept.

Problem: Network connectivity problems

  • While some of this type of issue cannot be helped, there are a number of instances where it can. If a person is having trouble connecting wirelessly to the network there are a couple of things to check. First, check to make sure that the laptop cart is plugged into an electrical outlet on the wall. Secondly, makes sure that the wireless connection is turned on (many of our laptops have a button to turn on the wireless connection and usually it is shown with a blue light). If you encounter other connectivity issues please notify the Tech Dept.