General Computer Tips

Here are some general tips on the care of a computer:
  • Computers need air circulation to keep them cool. Computers today are running faster and faster and tend to run hotter.  Do not place your computer in a cramped place with little or no airflow.  Give your computer plenty of ventilation by keeping the unit at least 5" away from any wall or partition.  The fan, located on the backside of your computer needs proper ventilation to cool the inside.  Also, remember not to stack papers on top of your monitor or expose it to direct sunlight as it can cause it to be come very hot.
  • Computers do not like dust. Dust can cause components to malfunction and short out from the static electricity build-up.  Carpeted environments tend to increase the amount of dust that collects inside computers, so it's best to keep computers up off of the floor in areas where there is carpet.
  • If possible, do not eat or drink around computers.  The smallest crumbs can find their way inside keyboards and mice causing them to not work correctly.
Following these simple tips will help our computers stay clean and working properly for years to come.