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Sending Meeting Requests in OWA

You can send meeting requests to people via email in the Outlook Web App.  These special messages include extra fields that a traditional email message would have such as location and date and time.  When a meeting request is sent, the recipient can accept, decline or make the meeting tentative.  If the meeting request is accepted or tentative, an appointment is automatically placed on the person's calendar.
  1. Log in to your email account in OWA.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to New on the top action menu.
  3. Click Meeting Request.
  4. Enter the names of the invitees in the To box.
  5. Enter the names of optional invitees in the Optional box.
  6. Type a subject for the meeting request in the Subject box.
  7. Type a meeting location in the Location box.
  8. Enter the Start and End times or check the box for All day event if it is an all day event.
  9. You can optionally set up a few other items in the meeting request.
    • By default, you can request a response to the invitation.
    • You can set a reminder for the meeting.
    • You can add a message or description in the large box on the bottom of the form.
  10. Click Send.
Another helpful resource with meeting requests is the Scheduling Assistant, which allows you to view the free/busy status of those you invite to your meeting.  Click the Scheduling Assistant tab on the Meeting Request form.