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Distribution Groups

A distribution group is a single email address that acts as a single point of contact for a large group of people.  For example, if you wanted to send an email to all Norwalk students, you can send the message to and each of our Norwalk students will get the email.  

Below is a list of the groups that currently exist.  

*Any lists that are crossed out, are those that are not available for use at the current time.  
The Groups:

list-everyone = Absolutely Everyone (Staff & Students)
list-all-staff = All Staff (AD, HS, and other)
list-all-admin = All EHOVE Administrators (AD & HS)
list-all-hsadmin = All High School Administrators
list-ad-staff = All Adult Education Staff
list-all-students = All Students (AD & HS)
list-hs-students = All High School Students (HS)
list-ad-students = All Adult Students (AD)

list-hs-staff = All High School Staff
list-hs-academic = All High School Academic Teachers
list-hs-careertech = All High School Career Tech Instructors

list-hs-admin-asst = All High School Administrative Assistants
list-hs-guidance = All High School Guidance Staff

list-hs-eng = High School English Teachers
list-hs-math = High School Math Teachers
list-hs-sci = High School Science Teachers
list-hs-soc = High School Social Studies Teachers

list-board-office = All Board Office Staff
list-cafeteria = All Cafeteria Staff
list-gen-maint = All General Maintenance Staff
list-maint-dept = All Maintenance Department Staff
list-security = All Security Staff
list-tech-dept = All Tech Department Staff

list-class-of-2016 = High School Class of 2016 (Seniors)
list-class-of-2017 = High School Class of 2017 (Juniors)
list-class-of-2018 = High School Class of 2018 (Sophomores)

list-hs-at1 = Auto Tech 1 Students
list-hs-at2 = Auto Tech 2 Students
list-hs-bus1 = Business & Marketing 1 Students (previously list-hs-gbm)
list-hs-cbi = Career Based Intervention Students
list-hs-ce = Career Exploration Students (new list as of Oct 2015)
list-hs-cj1 = Criminal Justice 1 Students
list-hs-cj2 = Criminal Justice 2 Students
list-hs-cnt1 = Computer Networking 1 Students
list-hs-cnt2 = Computer Networking 2 Students
list-hs-con1 = Construction Tech 1 Students (previously list-hs-const1)
list-hs-con2 = Construction Tech 2 Students (previously list-hs-const2)
list-hs-cos1 = Cosmetology 1 Students (AM Lab)
list-hs-cos1p = Cosmetology 1 Students (PM Lab) (new list as of Oct 2015)
list-hs-cos2 = Cosmetology 2 Students (Camella)
list-hs-cos2w = Cosmetology 2 Students (Warner) (new list as of Oct 2015)
list-hs-cr1 = Collision & Refinishing 1 Students (previously list-hs-ab1)
list-hs-cr2 = Collision & Refinishing 2 Students (previously list-hs-ab2)
list-hs-cul1 = Culinary Arts 1 Students
list-hs-cul2 = Culinary Arts 2 Students
list-hs-dsl1 = Diesel Tech 1 Students
list-hs-dsl2 = Diesel Tech 2 Students
list-hs-ece1 = Early Childhood Education 1 Students
list-hs-ece2 = Early Childhood Education 2 Students
list-hs-elc1 = Electrical Tech 1 Students
list-hs-elc2 = Electrical Tech 2 Students
list-hs-eng1 = Engineering Tech 1 Students (previously list-hs-et1)
list-hs-eng2 = Engineering Tech 2 Students (previously list-hs-et2)
list-hs-exr1 = Exercise Science & Rehab Therapy 1 Students 
                        (previously list-hs-exrt1)
list-hs-exr2 = Exercise Science & Rehab Therapy 2 Students 
                        (previously list-hs-exrt2)
list-hs-ffemt1 = Firefighter/EMT 1 Students (previously list-hs-emtff1)
list-hs-ffemt2 = Firefighter/EMT 2 Students (previously list-hs-emtff2)
list-hs-for1 = Forensic Science 1 Students
list-hs-for2 = Forensic Science 2 Students
list-hs-fwd = Fast Forward Students (previously list-hs-cbif)
list-hs-ind1 = Industrial Tech 1 Students (previously list-hs-indt1)
list-hs-ind2 = Industrial Tech 2 Students (previously list-hs-indt2)
list-hs-jc = Job Connections Students (previously list-hs-jcon)
list-hs-mc1c = Medical Careers 1 (College) (previously list-hs-ht1)
list-hs-mc1e = Medical Careers 1 (EHOVE) (previously list-hs-hc1)
list-hs-mc2c = Medical Careers 2 (College) (previously list-hs-ht2)
list-hs-mc2e = Medical Careers 2 (EHOVE) (previously list-hs-hc2)
list-hs-netw = NETWork Students
list-hs-ta = Teacher Academy Students
list-hs-vmt1 = Visual Media Tech 1 Students (College - Lowery)
list-hs-vmt1-e = Visual Media Tech 1 Students (EHOVE - Eungard)
list-hs-vmt2 = Visual Media Tech 2 Students (College - Lowery)
list-hs-vmt2-e = Visual Media Tech 2 Students (EHOVE - Stoll)

list-hs-behs = Bellevue High School Students
list-hs-dahs = Danbury High School Students
list-hs-edhs = Edison High School Students
list-hs-huhs = Huron High School Students
list-hs-kehs = Kelleys Island High School Students
list-hs-mahs = Margaretta High School Students
list-hs-mohs = Monroeville High School Students
list-hs-nlhs = New London High School Students
list-hs-nohs = Norwalk High School Students
list-hs-pehs = Perkins High School Students
list-hs-puhs = Put-In-Bay High School Students
list-hs-sahs = Sandusky High School
list-hs-schs = South Central High School Students
list-hs-smhs = Sandusky Central Catholic Students
list-hs-sphs = St. Paul High School Students
list-hs-vehs = Vermilion High School Students
list-hs-wehs = Western Reserve High School Students

list-hs-bpa = High School BPA Students
list-hs-fccla = High School FCCLA Students
list-hs-skillsusa = High School SkillsUSA Students

list-hs-bloggers = High School Blogger Students
list-hs-embass = High School Ambassador Students
list-hs-stucouncil = High School Student Council Students

list-ad-aemt = Adult Education Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
list-ad-cos = Adult Education Cosmetology
list-ad-cos-2015 = Adult Education Cosmetology (Class Started 2015)
list-ad-cst = Adult Education Surgical Technology (All CST Students)
list-ad-cst-ft = Adult Education Surgical Technology (Full Time Only)
list-ad-cst-pt = Adult Education Surgical Technology (Part Time Only)
list-ad-cul = Adult Education Culinary
list-ad-emt = Adult Education Emergency Medical Technician
list-ad-et = Adult Education Electrical Technician
list-ad-ff = Adult Education Firefighter (All FF Students)
list-ad-ff-1 = Adult Education Firefighter (Level 1 Only)
list-ad-ff-1t = Adult Education Firefighter (Level 1 Transition Only)
list-ad-ff-2 = Adult Education Firefighter (Level 2 Only)
list-ad-lpn = Adult Education Practical Nursing (All LPN Students)
list-ad-lpn-ft-25 = Adult Education Practical Nursing (FT 25 Only)
list-ad-lpn-ptd13 = Adult Education Practical Nursing (PTD 13 Only)
list-ad-lpn-ptd14 = Adult Education Practical Nursing (PTD 14 Only)
list-ad-lpn-pte16 = Adult Education Practical Nursing (PTE 16 Only)
list-ad-lpn-pte17 = Adult Education Practical Nursing (PTE 17 Only)
list-ad-ma = Adult Education Medical Assistant
list-ad-mas = Adult Education Medical Administrative Specialist
list-ad-mt = Adult Education Massage Therapy (All MT Students)
list-ad-mt-ft = Adult Education Massage Therapy (Full Time Only)
list-ad-mt-pt = Adult Education Massage Therapy (Part Time Only)
list-ad-mtt = Adult Education Marine Trades Technician
list-ad-opota = Adult Education Police Academy
list-ad-ota = Adult Education Occupational Therapy Assistant (All OTA Students)
list-ad-ota-2014 = Adult Education Occupational Therapy Assistant (Class Started 2014)
list-ad-ota-2015 = Adult Education Occupational Therapy Assistant (Class Started 2015)
list-ad-pbs = Adult Education Professional Business Specialist
list-ad-pct = Adult Education Patient Care Technician
list-ad-pm = Adult Education Paramedic (All Adult Paramedic Students)
list-ad-pm-2014 = Adult Education Paramedic (Class Started 2014)
list-ad-pm-2015 = Adult Education Paramedic (Class Started 2015)
list-ad-wt = Adult Education Welding Technician

AD - Adult Education
HS - High School

How Can I Send an Email to a Group?
To send a message to a distribution group, use the distribution group's email address.  The group's address will be the group name followed by ""

For example, to send a message to all high school math teachers, you would address the email to:

Keep in mind that the message will go to everyone in that group.

How Can I Respond to Group Messages?
You can tell that you received a message from a distribution group list because it will not be addressed to you, but rather the distribution group email.  It will also have a subject that is prepended with the name of the distribution group in square brackets.  For example, the subject would begin with [LIST-ALL-STAFF] for an email sent to the All Staff distribution group.

How Can I See What Groups I Belong To?
You can see which distribution groups you belong to as follows:
  1. Go to and sign in with your EHOVE email address (if you are not already logged in). 
  2. Click My Groups from the left-side navigation.
This will take you to a screen where you can see all of the groups you belong to.

Who Can Use the Group Lists?
We have taken every precaution possible to ensure that the distribution lists will not be abused.  At the current time, only messages sent by an EHOVE staff member will be allowed through. Students and outsiders will not be able to use the distribution groups at this time.

How Should Groups Be Used?
The point of the distribution groups is to increase communication at EHOVE by making sure communication is easier.  These groups help to keep mass communication relevant by targeting specific groups of people.  There are many excellent uses for the distribution groups including:
  • Sharing great ideas, websites or other resources
  • Asking a question of your colleagues
  • Sending a reminder about an upcoming meeting, deadline or event
  • Sending news and announcements to staff and students
  • Sharing Google Drive files to specific groups of people
Can I Share Google Drive Items With Distribution Groups?
Yes, you can share files in Google Drive to any of the distribution groups.  Just click on the blue Share button on any document and begin typing the name of the distribution list you want to share the file with.  As you begin to type the word "list" a list of choices will automatically appear.  As you type more of the name, the list will filter down to just a few.  You can click on the appropriate group from the list and click Share and Save.