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FAQ: Wireless Network

How can I connect my personal laptop to EHOVE's wireless network?

See the instructions on the WiFi Connectivity main page.

Are there any requirements for my device in order to connect to the wireless network?

  • Your device must be in working condition and must include a functional wireless network component.
  • Your device's wireless capability must be working and turned on.
  • Your device and your usage of your device must fall under the guidelines of the Terms of Use.

Is the wireless network secure?

Yes, the wireless network at EHOVE has an enterprise-class wireless infrastructure that is very secure and conforms to today's wireless and authentication standards.

Where is the wireless coverage?

The wireless network has full coverage on the first floor in all of the buildings and the exterior of some buildings within approximately 25 feet from the building.  Some areas where the signal may be weak include areas where block walls are lined with lockers.  

What are the rules and regulations for using the wireless network? 

Please consult the student handbook for details on the proper use of EHOVE's network and technology. Also, the wireless network can only be used for educational purposes only. Abuse of the wireless network may result in disciplinary action as well as permanent blockage to the device.

Are there any restrictions on using the wireless network?

Yes.  Internet filters are in place just like other computers on EHOVE's campus and all Internet traffic on the wireless network still goes through those filters.  There are also guidelines and policies in place that explain the restrictions for using the wireless network on campus.  Basically, the wireless network is to be used for school-appropriate educational purposes only.  Your wireless network privileges can be suspended for inappropriate usage. 

Does it matter how many people are using the wireless network at the same time?  Can the network handle hundreds of users logged in at one time?

The wireless network can handle hundreds of users logged in at one time, however, as more people actively use the network it will tend to get a bit slower.  In rare extreme cases, a coverage hole may occur when there is heavy usage in a single concentrated area.  We constantly monitor the entire network 24/7 and we are automatically alerted of any issues or problems that occur.  We will always make changes to improve the wireless network as it becomes necessary.

Will I have any problems moving between the wireless network where I live and the wireless network at EHOVE?

No, you should be able to switch between networks without any trouble.  Your device should automatically know which wireless network to connect to when you move between different locations.

Can I use the wireless network in any of the buildings on campus?

Yes, a device that can connect to EHOVE's wireless network will be able to connect to the network in any of the buildings.  Most devices should be able to roam from access point to access point if moved around in the buildings while on.