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FAQ: Progress Book

Why am I not able to record homeroom attendance?

Most of the time, the reason why homeroom attendance cannot be recorded is because the attempt was made outside of the window of time that recording the homeroom attendance is permitted.  The homeroom attendance must be taken between 8:15 and 8:30.  After 8:30, you cannot record homeroom attendance in Progress Book.

How can I remove a student from my class roster?

Occasionally, a student may leave your class and you may no longer want them to appear on your class roster.  You can "hide" a student on your roster so that they don't appear in your list.  To do this follow these steps:
  1. Log into Progress Book.
  2. Click on the Class that contains the student you would like to hide.
  3. Click Update Roster on the lower left corner of the window.
  4. Check the box under Hide for any student that you wish to hide.
  5. Click Save.