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FAQ: Laptops

How can I sign out a laptop to use for an off-campus purpose?

Staff can sign out a laptop from the Tech Department.  Equipment must be signed-out in person in the Tech Department office.  Please make reservations ahead of time so that we can prepare the equipment for you and make sure it is all set for you to use.  You can submit an online work order to have the equipment reserved.  The appropriate IT Problem Type for the work order would be Equipment Checkout.

How do I hook up a projector to a laptop?

What is the typical battery life for laptops?

The battery life of a computer can very greatly.  There are a number items that factor in to the life of a battery.  Most laptops will get between 2 and 8 hours of use off of a single charge.  

Some of the factors that can reduce the battery life:
  • CD/DVD drive use
  • Use of external devices (such as USB devices)
  • Screen brightness
  • The number of running programs and multitasking
  • High operating temperature

Are there any special instructions for laptop care?

  • Keep food and liquids away from laptops
  • Do not place objects on the keyboard or between the keyboard and the screen when the lid is closed
  • Do not yank the power cord out of the laptop - carefully pull out the plug at the end close to the laptop
  • Do not expose your laptop to rapid temperature fluctuations (extreme cold to warm and vice versa)
  • Do not leave your laptop in a car
  • Turn your laptop off or put your laptop on standby when it is not in use to conserve battery life

How and what should I clean the laptop screen with?

Use a soft lint-free cloth or special designated screen cleaning cloths.  Do not use paper towel or facial tissue.  Most of the time the cloth can be used by itself to clean screens, but if there are greasy smudges that will not come off with just a cloth, then you can use water or a specially designed LCD cleaning spray on the cloth.  Spray the liquid on the cloth, not the screen.  Glass cleaner or other cleaning chemicals should never be used to clean a laptop screen.

How can I get my personal laptop on EHOVE's wireless network?

See the information on the Wireless Connectivity page for information on how to get your personal laptop on EHOVE's wireless network.