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FAQ: Internet

How can I get access to a blocked website?

Sometimes school-appropriate websites are blocked by mistake.  We make the best effort to keep school-appropriate websites available and unblocked while still maintaining Internet safety compliance.  If there is a case where you feel a website should be unblocked you can submit it for review by clicking the "submit it for review" link at the bottom of the block page.  You must enter your email address and a reason for unblocking the site.  Then once you submit it for review, an administrator will review the website and unblock the site if it is found to be school appropriate.

How can I access YouTube videos?

While YouTube.com is blocked due to inappropriate video content some school-appropriate YouTube videos are available through the Educational Video Library which can be accessed by going to moodle.ehove.net/youtube.  From that site you can view YouTube videos that have been submitted in the past or you could submit your own.  For more information on how to submit videos to the Educational Video Library see the Knowledge Base article about the Educational Video Library.

How can I get Internet access on my personal laptop on campus?

See the Wireless Network Connection page for information on how to get your personal laptop connected to EHOVE's wireless network.

Does EHOVE have an acceptable use policy for Internet access?

The answer to this question is coming soon!

How can I temporarily stop my students from accessing the Internet in a computer lab?

The answer to this question is coming soon!

Why are appropriate websites blocked by the Internet filter?

The Internet filter in place at EHOVE does its best to place websites in one of over 130 categories based on information collected by an army of servers that regularly check websites for content changes.  There could be a few reasons why a school-appropriate website is blocked:
  • The website may not be categorized yet.
    If someone visits a website that has not get been categorized, it will block the site by default.  The site will be automatically by analyzed and categorized at night and will probably be unblocked the next day.
  • The website may contain links to inappropriate websites.
    If the website itself does not have inappropriate content, but has links that go to websites that do, that may cause the site to be blocked.  Also, if a website has a guestbook and someone has put inappropriate words, images, or links to other inappropriate sites in one of the guestbook entries, that could cause the site to be blocked as well.
  • The website may be a bandwidth problem.
    If the website is found to be a regular problem for causing lots of bandwidth to be used for non-educational purposes, the site may be blocked to prevent access and further bandwidth resources to be used up by it.
  • The website may be parked.
    A parked website is one that was purchased by a person or a company that they think sounds popular an may have some value so that when someone wants to use the site address, they have to buy it from them.  While the individuals or businesses that buy these websites still own them, they normally put up a bogus page with advertising and affiliate links.

Can I listen to streaming radio over the Internet?

Streaming radio or music over the Internet is highly discouraged.  Unless it is used directly for educational purposes only then music and radio should not be streamed over the Internet.