End of Year Info for Staff

Another school year is almost complete and we in the Technology Department are gearing up for all of the work that we will do this summer.  This page contains information about some of the things that you may want to take note of for the summer and the upcoming school year.  Please read on for important information.

Computer Work in the Summer

We will be performing regular preventive maintenance on some computers in the summer.  We will attempt to upgrade most of the computers to Microsoft Office 2010 if it is capable.  If you have any issues or problems with equipment in your classroom, office or lab, please report these problems as a work order before the end of the school year.  August is a very busy time for us in the Tech Department so, please help us resolve any issues you might have at the beginning of the summer while there is more opportunity for us to resolve any problems in a timely manner.  

We will be performing preventive maintenance on projectors and printers in all classrooms this summer.  We will also check other peripheral devices such as scanners when computers in classrooms are hooked back up after maintenance cleans the rooms.  Please do not attempt to hook computers or other equipment back up after classrooms are cleaned. We will make sure that all classrooms are hooked back up and ready to go.

Remote Controls

Please leave your remote controls for projectors, DVD players, VCR's, and other equipment on top of the DVD player or amplifier in your classroom.  Please do not pack up your remote controls and SmartBoard styli or lock them in desk drawers.  As part of our checks during the summer we will need to turn projectors on and we don't want these items to get lost in the shuffle while boxes are moved in and out of classrooms.  We will place remote controls and SmartBoard styli in a gallon sized ziplock bag on top of the AV equipment in classrooms for safe keeping.

Email Away Message

Let people know that you'll be away for the summer by setting up Automatic Replies.  See, Create an Automatic Out of Office Reply in OWA in the Knowledge Base. 

Access Your Files from Home

Remember, if you need to get to your files from home during the summer, you can access them via Citrix by going to https://portal.ehove.net.  Also, if you are on campus and your waxed out of your classroom or office, you can log on to any computer on campus to access your network drives just like you would on the computers you would normally use.  Just an FYI.

Don't Forget Your Login Passwords

Summer has a lot of side-effects.  Relaxation.  Sunburns.  And amnesia when it comes to remembering what your password was 3 months ago.  If you are prone to forgetting things like your password, write your password down and keep it in a secure location so that when you return to school at the end of the summer, you'll be all set.  As always, if you forget your password and you need to have it reset, we can do that for you. 

Student Login Accounts and P Drives

Graduating student accounts will be removed during the summer.  If graduating students need any files they saved on their P drive, they will need to do it before the last day of school to ensure they will be able to access their files.  Returning student accounts and P drives will remain intact.  Files on returning student P drives will remain the same when the return to school next school year.  

Tech Department Summer Hours

We work year round and our summer hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except for holidays.  There will not be any technicians on duty after 4:00 p.m. during the summer.