Beginning of School Year Info for Staff

This page was last updated on August 17, 2015.

How do my students log in? How can I change my Progress Book password to what I want? How can students get to their email accounts? These and many more questions are answered below...


Please remember to make your requests for technical support via a work order.  To access the work order system, you can use the link on the left side of this page or you can get to it anytime by going to EHOVE's website ( and use the STAFF RESOURCE CENTER link in the orange box on the homepage to get to the Work Orders link.  Also remember to choose IT Request or Maint Request at the top of the page for submitting your work order to the appropriate department. 

We typically get more than 40 new work orders each day during the first few weeks of school, so your patience is appreciated while we work to address all of the issues in the most efficient manner possible.


Student login accounts have been created for each student.  All students are assigned a unique username which is created using the students' projected year of graduation, first initial and their full last name.*  So, if you have a student named Tom Smith and he is a senior this year, his username would  be 16tsmith.  Or if you have a student named Jane Doe and she is a junior, her username would be 17jdoe.  Also, take note that any last name that has a space, hyphen or an apostrophe, does not include those characters (i.e. Van Auken = vanauken or O'Bryan = obryan).

So, the username is composed of:

(Year of Graduation)(First Initial)(Entire Last Name) together without any spaces.

 GradeUsername Format

*Please read below for exceptions to this format.


Most usernames are created using the students' expected two-digit year of graduation, first initial and the full last name. However, every year there are several student accounts that we must adjust to keep from duplicating the name. For instance there might be a John Smith and a Jane Smith. John's username might be 16jsmith, but Jane's might be 16asmith. For privacy reasons these student accounts will not be listed on this page.  A list will be emailed to the High School staff near the start of school with a listing of these non-standard usernames.  We kindly ask that you please notify these students early on so that they do not take someone else's username by mistake.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

If you would like to look up a student to see if their account exists, go to and search for their name.


An email was sent out to all High School staff on 8/17/2015 with the password for students to use as their initial password. 

If a student needs their password reset, please submit a work order for the request.

Speaking of passwords, many of you have requested some way to reset student passwords.  
We have developed a way for you to do that that is both secure and easy to use.  If you would like the ability to reset student passwords, please submit a work order requesting that ability.


If one of your students is having difficulties logging in, check the following:

1.) Check the list of non-standard login accounts.  The username may have already been taken by another student.

2.) Try other possible letters for their first name, like 'w' for William instead of 'b' for Billy or 'e' for Elizabeth  instead of 'b' for Beth or 'l' for Liz or Libby.  We created the accounts based on their name in Progress Book.  So, in most cases it will be a legal name, but it just depends on what they used for registration.  If  this question arises for a particular student, you can look up the student in Progress Book for what they went by for registration.  You can look-up the student's name to see if an account exists by going to

3.) Try logging into the computer with your own username.  If you can log in, then the computer is probably fine, but  something else is wrong.  Be sure to log out of your own account before the student works on the computer.

4.) If the student has already set up their account password, make sure that they enter it without the Caps Lock on.  Passwords are case-sensitive.  That means "password" is not the same as "PaSsWoRd" or "PASSWORD."

5.) If all else fails...  Let us know and we will check it out.  If the student enrolled in classes during the weeks just before school starts or after school starts, we may not have set up an account for that student yet.  We can create a new account for these student who may not have been created yet.  Please remember to send these requests via a work order and be sure to mention the students year of graduation with their name.  We need to have the full username of the student for any account inquiries. 


When your students log in for the first time, they should quickly notice that they receive what looks like an error message.   It will read something like this:

"The user's password must be changed before logging on the first time."

This message is perfectly normal.  We have set the student accounts up so that they can set their own password during their first login attempt.  Please instruct your students to click 'OK' and set their own password.  If they do not set their password up on the first login attempt, they may not be able to regain access to it until their password is reset by us.   Remember that passwords can be alphanumeric and must be five or more characters long.

This process during the first login where they must change their password will generally take about three minutes for a  student to perform.  But, there may be problems or issues that arise due to a technical error or knowledge on how to use a computer, but remember to be patient and understand that this may be new to them and difficult for them to adjust in the first few days.


All of our returning students including last year's sophomores and juniors have been retained for use this year.  None of their P drive files have been removed.  The password for all returning student accounts has been reset.  Please see the email sent to all staff on 8/17/2015 for the password used for all students.  If a student is having difficulty logging into their account, please contact the Tech Department and don't forget to include the student's username in the work order.  


All students have been issued a Google Apps email account.  For more information go to Student email addresses will be in the format:


Reusing your course:

Please check out this EHOVEWire post and watch the YouTube video located there for instructions on how to set your course up to use again for the new year.

Adding students to your course:

  1. Log into ItsLearning and open your course(s) so that you are on the “Course Dashboard” page. 
  2. On the left side of the page click the "Participants" link. 
  3. Next click "Add Participants". 
  4. From there make sure that only the "Student" checkbox is checked. 
  5. Next click “Find Hierarchy” and select “High School”. 
  6. Then click "Search". This will then list all of the students. 
  7. Click the checkbox on each student that you need to add to your course. 
  8. When you have selected all of your students click "Add" at the very bottom of the page.

Logging students in for the first time:

  1. Have each student open a web browser and go to Each student will use their network/computer username (ex. Student Name: John Doe, Username: jdoe) and the password “Ehove123” (without the quotes AND a capital “E”).
  2. On the next page that appears simply have the student click “Save.”
  3. Have the student then click "My Settings" in the top right corner of the window. 
  4. This will then take them to a screen where they can customize their profile.
  5. Have them click “Change Password”
  6. In the “Old password” box they must type “Ehove123” that they used to log in
  7. In the “Enter New Password” box and the “Re-enter new Password” they can create their own passwords. (I would recommend that they use their network/computer account passwords that they set when they first logged onto a computer as long as it meets the requirements that follow.) The passwords must be at least 8 characters long with at least one capital letter and at least one number.


If you have forgotten your Progress Book password, please contact us to have your password reset.  Also, you can now change your Progress Book password to anything you want by going to the NOECA Password Change Utility.  You'll need to know your current password in order to use this utility.  Remember that your Progress Book username begins with "ehov_" and is in the format "ehov_jdoe".  

Also, if you would like more information about how to use Progress Book or need help using it's features, please see the documentation located on NOECA's website.


All students and staff have the ability to connect to EHOVE's wifi by using the EHOVE-BYOD wireless network.  When you attempt to browse a site on your device (except for Google or EHOVE's website) you will be prompted for your username and password.  You can use your EHOVE username and password to authenticate.  Once you sign in for wifi, you are signed in for 8 hours.  


You can access programs and files from any computer through your web browser!  We have implemented a Citrix (pronounced sit-tricks) web portal system to allow you to remotely get to a few select programs and your network drives.  You can access the system by going to and use your existing username and password to log in.  At this point we have a few programs available inlcuding Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat Professional and A+ Learning System, but we plan to roll out more programs in the future.  This resource is available on-campus as well as any off-campus computer with Internet access.


New copy machines have been installed all around campus.  Check back later for more information on how to use these copiers.  

Copy machines are located in the Media Center in A, the Teacher's Center in B, the Building Secretary's Office in C, and the Teacher's Center in D.  These copiers require using your EHOVE username and password in order to make copies.  If you would like your name added to the shortcut list on the control panel menu, please let us know.


The following are a few items regarding the laptop labs that we would like to remind the staff of:
  • Only teachers or staff are allowed to move the laptop cart.
  • Make sure students sign out laptops on the sign-out sheet with each cart.
  • Make sure students immediately report problems or damage to the teacher as soon as the student observes it.
  • Make sure all laptops are shut down and returned to the cart before the end of class.
  • Ensure students handle laptops cautiously and take precautions to prevent scratches or other damage.


Microsoft has allowed us to provide Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010 to our full-time staff free of charge as part of their Work-At-Home program.  Microsoft Office is the only software application available (the Microsoft Windows operating system is not included).  You can borrow a copy of the disc as well as printed instructions on how to install the software on your home computer from the Tech Department.